Insomnia Egypt

Indie zone

We believe that Egypt has a lot of hidden talent  and we want to showcase and support it ! So we have partnered with the Egyptian Chapter of IGDA who will help us select Egyptian indie developers to have free space in the indie zone of Insomnia Egypt to showcase their work in front of both crowds and prospective buyers.

Below are some of the following games that will be exhibited in the indie zone:

Kandooz - Retro Bouncer

An Infinite running game based on the concept of matching colors and indirect control.


An infinite runner mobile game developed by Unity using C#. You start with only one character like normal infinite runners but by collecting gold you can add more workers.

Soul piece

An infinite war between Peace and Chaos where this time Chaos won the battle You are the last piece and your duty now is to free all other pieces to revive Peace once again !

slippy thief

Slippy Thief is a challenging Snake-like arcade game where you play as ‘Alfred’, the fastest (and clumsiest) amongst thieves while he tries to rob the biggest jewelry shop in the city!

Bounce around racking up points & avoiding several ways to die in Pix Hop! You control a bouncy white square collecting coins and avoiding lovely colored enemies.

Tribal Tantrum is a fast-paced two-player dueling game where two players sword fight in a side-scrolling environment.

A mind bending color puzzle game, elegant, challenging and simple color switching mechanic. Simple and atmospheric experience where you solve puzzles by switching colors.

rhythm attack

A VR rhythm game where you slice through enemies with the rhythm of music.

Di-tri - back 2 back

Back to Back is a 2 player co-op party game. Where the 2 players have only ONE weapon and enemies coming from everywhere. The players have to switch the weapon and rotate left and right together to survive as long as possible.

Killing Beat Poster CMYK

killing beat

A mobile Music Rhythm game . The player tries to avoid the attacking obstacles that appear. The game is a level based. The game is fast-paced with minimalistic art style.

techno box

A music game taking place in a world of small boxes gaining their energy from music.


A side-scrolling platformer game, where the player’s goal is to fetch a key to open a door and unlock the next level by jumping over and moving pillars.

ninja cube

ninja cube - finding hatsune

NinjaCube is an action platformer which is inspired by many classics, where everything takes the form of squares. Play as NinjaCube and fight through the stages to reach the bosses.

the hero

Third person action adventure game, The game is an open world action adventure game , the story takes place in New York (USA) in an imaginary gloomy way as gangs started to rule the city

aliens vs cowmander

Alien invaders came from beyond the stars, and they’re after our cattle! Their plan: get some milk, chop some meat and organize the mother of all barbecues!

Beats Of Fury Logo

beats of fury

Beats Of Fury is mix of Rhythm Game and Bullet Hell, It combines the top down shooter with rhythm perfect timings to present a new fun and unique gameplay,

bread rising 1

bread rising

2D action platformer about the emotional life of a zombie stuck in a toaster.


forbidden forgiveness

Forbidden Forgiveness is a new psychological horror that aims to play with your mind.


makook games - arabian racing

Arabian Racing is a hill climbing game in the Arabian Desert, by balancing the car and using nitrous effectively - the player can win races

Inspired by "subway surf" but with new egyptian style! Zizo's family loves bisco misr products, which gets him in trouble with the neighbor officer Attia, run before he catches you!

Youmaku Games is a small indie team that aims to make creative and artistic games that truly inspire people and put smiles on their faces.